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In the United States, handicraft toys in recent years more and more popular. After the financial crisis, the high price of toys become poor, people begin to seek return uncut jade to return true toys. Handicraft toys and the high value because a low price, is very popular. According to the American research organization NPD last October, a survey, since early 2010 until October, handicraft Toy sales of $1.96 billion, the same period the previous year rose 1%, in many species, second only to the outdoor and sporting goods sales ($2.02 billion).

The individualized product popularAlthough the essence and gist handicraft toys is still encourage children’s creation, but appeared on the market more and more added “customize”, “design” and “personalized” concepts such as manual products. Therefore, the children’s handiwork is not as badly as a single identical, the new technology can make children into more freely design belongs to own work of art.”This s children like him make public individual character customization of things, this trend also extends to the handicraft toys.” The United States giddy up toy company marketing director michelle manning said, “they can order a pair of sports shoes on the Internet, and then let it directly to the door. They also customize their own web pages and photo albums, still can make up music playing or write my blog and so on. It’s natural, even clothes, room decoration and handicrafts etc, they also hope to make to order.”Giddy up company wool cloth with soft nap of the manual series fuzzoodles let children according to his imagination to design the strange plush doll. This kind of freedom great way can make each completed pieces are distinct, the children enthusiastic.

Handicraft toys to increase confidence arousing originalityThe United States alex toys toy company CEO nurit amdur think: “make crafts not only stimulate creativity, also can exercise the child eye-hand coordination, body flexibility, concentration and increase their self-confidence.”This year the company’s little hands manual series new launched 8 of suit, with CaiTu specification. These new products include various everyday objects, such as some cupcakes paper pad, Popsicle sticks, etc. Use these objects out of all kinds of arts and crafts design supplement, let the children discover these articles for daily use of alternative novel usage.Smartlab toys toy company’s sales and marketing director, darcy morris think, develop the child’s confidence the earlier the easy. “In the dictionary of period to give the child opportunities, through the created to express their ideas, it is very important.” Morris said, “if the children have the confidence to complete some things, so when they grow up will be easier to get success. Political or science or whatever, which category, creative thinking people can solve problems. It all comes from their self-confidence and trying to break the rules for support from.”Smartlab toys of the company’s “car design fang” series to car design as the subject, even if not good at painting children can also design a unique, well-designed cars. And those who draw level slightly tall ones further improve their skills. The final will make every child proud.

handicraft toys handicraft toys

handicraft toys

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