The appearance of the baby toys

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The appearance of the baby toys
No matter what the baby toys, must first consider its shape structure, have without edges, whether can harm the baby, want to choose the surface smooth, baby good to the touch, the Toy some larger point is best of arc, so can prevent baby don’t be careful when the hurt yourself!

Toy material
Want to choose a few good quality toys, plastic toys if is the best choice of clinker is thick some son, so it is not easy to baby break, if is wood toys, outside the paint chart what of, don’t have peculiar smell, because be the baby smell or in his mouth, and will be to the baby body damage! And for the baby is to choose light material, so that the baby easy to pick up, drop down also won’t hit feet!

Toys color
The baby often like colorful things, we choose for baby toys choose as far as possible when some colour is more bright-coloured, such already can meet the baby to watch, also can stimulate visual, exercise vision!

The type of toys
Had better be to choose some of baby educational toys, educational toys, as the name implies, is playing in the development of the baby intelligence,

According to the Royal Academy of sciences study found that children often play beneficial wisdom toys, not play on average than higher IQ 11 points or so, the brain open thinking ability is higher; American medical experts also found, and since the childhood playing children’s educational toys incidence rates of 1% less than the general population.
To sum up, the baby to choose suitable toys are very important! Let the baby play are learning to knowledge, develop intelligence, healthy growth

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baby toys

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