What is good toys

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1, security
Toys should is non-toxic, and may not have a sharp edges. It’s the combination of parts to very strong, lest cause children loose specified. In addition, still have to pay attention to whether the toys containing harmful chemical composition, and should not be used flammable materials. Baby or toddler children of, should avoid to have long thin string and small parts of toys. Parents should pay attention to the child use toys whether method can be dangerous.

2, the use of openness
Good toys have not limited usage, children can explore and develop all possible options, adult should not urge to achieve the only goal, such as he painted a standard square. Every child is an independent, his qualities vary from person to person and should be respected, and open toys never standard fixed play, so it let children in each growth phase, because of the different ideas and create new play.

3, can make children maintain long interest
Good toys will let children repeat play, with all sorts of different Angle thinking, playing for a long time also not bored. The child is always full of curiosity, they will often invented the new play Toy. In addition, they like to use of imagination to toy and fixed point, for instance, toys add a wheel becomes active car, the child will feel happy and interesting.

4, can stimulate the senses
Good toys can provide appropriate sensory stimulation, for example: special sound, different touch, the bright color, and some lovely shape, they can be used to stimulate child vision, hearing, smell, touch, etc. Children can also borrow the toys learned the basic concept of objects: size, weight, color, balance, etc. If the children can access to quality meticulous toys, children cultivate aesthetic values of natural, this also is a kind of aesthetic education.

5, for children of different ages design
Toys for children age and ability should be different and have differences, children like to play with toy is they can operate, making the children too difficult a lot of frustration, too simple and make them feel bored. So, parents should according to the marking of the use of age on toys to buy, but if a child has a general children of the same age better operation ability, and the parents can choose and buy is difficulty higher toys.

6, well made
Good toy use good material production, plus the attractive design, such ability make toys have perceived value. If the toy was quickly playing bad, children will be quite disappointed, because they just play up the heart of exploration and was quickly doused the.

7, and people can play together
Children like the children of the same age and play with adults or home, so good of toys to can make two people were playing more and more important, parents and children play with can improve parent-child relationship between the.

8, make the child predominates
Children learn from active operation, if the children can play from success experience, they will get a sense of accomplishment, so, they will be ready to become a brave to pursue the challenge.

Good toys What is good toys

Good toys

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