Using the image toys let baby know things

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The baby is compared commonly likes all kinds of bright color, can send out sound and image vividly lifelike toys, such as all kinds of image of the small animals, dolls, all kinds of traffic tools, daily articles, etc. Through these toys, can see and hear training baby, understand the things and learn to use language and adult communication, be helpful for the development of the baby intelligence.

Adult should use all sorts of image toys, let baby know things, such as let the baby play with small animal toys, can tell he small animals, the name of the baby made small animal calls imitation, such as “may,” “miaomiao.” Playing with dolls, can teach baby know the name of the facial features, such as understanding dolls eyes, nose, mouth, ears, etc. But first, let he pointed out that the doll facial features, slowly he will understand oneself of the facial features where, can teach him directly refers to his eyes, mouth, ears, etc. Still can teach baby dolls fed and wear take off clothes, cultivate baby’s ability of independent living. Adult should as far as possible on the action and explain, make a baby in the process of understanding gradually learn to be expressed in language, and cultivate the baby’s self-care skill. Playing all kinds of traffic tools toys, can tell him these vehicles, use, the name of the characteristics and the voice of the launch. Still can put these vivid toys hidden in easy to find places for the baby to look for, also can put these toys and covered with a cloth, only show his part, let baby guess what it is.

Image toys should choose easy clean, non-toxic to human body’s soft and hard plastic, rubber or cloth material production, and regular cleaning and disinfection.


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