Children play car

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Children’s bone plasticity is very strong, and muscle power and is very weak, the children in their car ride, lower limb to take a lot of force. In addition, due to ride a children’s car is very interesting, a child on, and will not let down, so, the leg long time in muscle tension, but also let the bones of the lower limbs long time stress, the bone growth and development is very bad.At present, the market of the children tricycle, the distance between the two pedal is too wide, and from the distance between the seat–and too long, some car can’t adjust this distance. So, when children ride up, feet and lower limbs very arduous, a long time in the formation of the two knee medial outstanding swollen, two lower limb excessive to outreach, and formed a “X” shape legs, and even some within the child to form two feet “.

ride a stroller precautions1, don’t be too quick to let children learning to ride a children’s car, had better be in children 5 to 6 years of age began again.2, strict control of children ride time, every time don’t let children excessive fatigue.3, improve the structure of the children’s car, shorten the distance between the pedal, seat and the distance between the adjustable pedals near, let children ride up was not difficult.4, to teach children to learn proper cycling method, avoid improper method for cycling, posture not correct on children’s growth.Five, if the child’s leg has been formed “X” form, should be corrected as early as possible. The correct method is: have your child cross legs sat, daily practice 1-3 times, each time to sit 20-30 minutes. In addition, when you walk in, let the children with two feet of the lateral aspect of the landing. After a period of training, the child’s legs are can correct to come here. When the child’s leg corrected after that, should make the child with the foot touchdown walk, lest overkill.


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