The original toys and piracy toys difference

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China’s plush toys market, good and evil people mixed up, the good and bad are intermingled, product and product quality between the difference is very big. Therefore, consumers, especially for babies and infants to buy, choose the original toys, is especially important. The following mainly introduced the original and piracy plush toys differences:The original of plush toys, is generally the production companies. From the raw material, fillers to packaging, printing and so on to through the country and the international security authentication.Normal manufacturer, first of production environment has a strict requirement: clean, safe, health environment, for the hygiene level of product has a very important influence.

It is hard to imagine a hospital underground processing factory can produce meet safety requirements of environmental protection product, it is hard to imagine such a product in the hands of infant what effect will.Second, the original plush toys select material all have strict standards, the raw material supplier (including fabrics and filler) were also comply with the national safety standards of the international manufacturers, will never allow a harm children’s health (especially mercury and other heavy metals) material mixing materials. So although it may cost more, but absolutely safe and reliable. But piracy toys often are small factory production, only pursues cheap price, ignore the safety of products. Many bad manufacturers using recycled materials do fabrics, a “dirty” cotton do padding. This product’s price low, from appearance generally can’t see the difference, adult play word also possibility at that time experience not to the damage. But the infant skin is more, tender, and to stimulate very sensitive, and like licking bite toys.

If long-term contact with this kind of undesirable product, for the baby in the growth and development of the adverse impact.Finally, in the strict production environment, raw material selection after the close, production process management is especially important. Plush toys in the production of hard to avoid can use the needle, scissors, metal items: in sewing process, will often broken needle in toys; Packaging process, also happened in the Toy with scissors events. Production of the exclusion giant have strict metal management system, at the same time, production in the process also to after many way metal detection process, even before they leave the factory inspection one, do no risk at all. And many small factory management confusion, some even no metal detection machine. So even if they use the qualified materials, but it was difficult to ensure that the tiny needles into not toys.

Such products, to the baby’s health can also cause the potential threat.In addition, the original wool cloth with soft nap of the products are modelling vivid, look lively. But piracy of usually torpor, damaged, its shape is serious, the children will also sell fondness degree.So how to identify the original and pirated products? The most simple look at two points: drink label and certificate. The original’s products have the manufacture fine laser anti-counterfeiting mark, drink label has Numbers, each product are not all the same. At the same time, the state quality inspection regulation, each plush toys must have a certificate (or separately, or hang in products printed on the box), which must be printed names of commodity, types, and the factory name, address, product component, quality standards, warning language and so on, be short of one cannot. If lack of any of the above a, basic can think is not eligible product.In sum, because of the particularity of infants, for the selected toys must be doubly cautious, quality and safety is undoubtedly the first. In order to avoid the baby’s body and mind is hurt, to really to the baby’s health is responsible, choose the original of plush toys is the most reliable and most wise choice.

The original toys and piracy toys difference The original toys and piracy toys difference

The original toys and piracy toys difference

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