6 famous toy store

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6 famous toys store in this world.

New York FAO Schwarz Toy shopFifth avenue in New York city, 767, (58 street) of the FAO schwarz toy shop, is one of the 40 flagship store. Predecessor was opened in 1870 in New York city the Toy Bazzar, covers an area of 50000 square feet, divided into the ground two layer and the underground layer. Here the toy business is exclusive brand sales, and the price is located in high-end consumer groups.Into stores, first seen is three stories high, singing “we welcome you to our toys world” clock.A layer of stuffed animals zoneA famous Club Kennel Club pet collection of all kinds of purebred dogs reproductions.Second floor barbie monopoly areaFrom the latest web-slinging toy to traditional classical accessories, here can find all the things about barbie.

London, England (Hamleys) the toy store the hamBritain’s most traditional toy shop, by William. Ham to 1760, which has now become a London landmark, and by the very fond of the star. Regent street shops there were seven layers, with wide variety of toys.2 floor is the game, board games, puzzles toys and the studio.3 floor is pre-school area, some preschool toys.The fourth floor is a girl area, dolls, small handicraft, Hello Kitty and dress up toys.The fifth floor is model area, remote control car, go all out outfit model, the train model and so on.Shanghai barbie flagship storeBarbie the first flagship store at 550 huai hai middle road, the curtain. Barbie’s and the whole building are transparent, like a giant glass house. The door put a life-size barbie.Address: huaihai road 55 number (the first department store opposite the huaihai store)

Tokyo ginza bo product hall toys parkLocated in ginza 8 street, is the only one Japanese set the guinness book of world records of the large toy shop, four floors of the shop there were 50000 goods, but also is equipped with the duty free shop.Address: central Tokyo silver street and the 11 8.

Monchichi storesMonchhichi is Japan superman gas dolls, in wet person mind and Hello Kitty jeremy. In Japan there is a legend, send a Monchhichi to the right one another, I wish the bride and bridegroom of two men for a lifetime of happiness and good luck. The tourists traveling to Japan, and don’t miss it.

キ デ イ ラ ン ド harajuku shopAddress: Japan’s shintarou shibuya district yamasakigawa 6-1-9 before.

British tintin toy shopCovent Garden of the store is the only British tintin a, all products are produced in the hometown of tintin Belgium, so the price does not poor. In addition to the classic comic book tintin sawyer series outside. The store is also selling the inside of the story of character decoration, are drawn from comics scene. The store hung each series of posters. In addition, tintin and related characters with the T-shirt is loved by tintin fans.

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6 famous toy store

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