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Japan (royal) Toyroyal corporation is a global professional infant toys manufacturing sales company, as Japan’s first infant Toy manufacturing vendors, and the production and business operation high quality of baby toys.

Toyroyal design concept: we offer more than just laughing interesting toys, but also assisted the baby grow and intellectual development tools.In

1916, was born in Japan Tokyo Toyroyal, have so far for the world baby provided more than 92 years of safe toys.

“To create the future of their children” we will toys as a kind of important education media in infant accept ability to best of the best training and strengthening, in the game ascension comprehensive ability, with superior intelligence and creativity, create the future children to lay a solid foundation.

Product introduction

The royal Toyroyal educational toys series

The royal Toyroyal the tambourine TR784 royal

Toyroyal too TR781 drumThe royal Toyroyal rattles toys series

The royal Toyroyal stars 3083 royal Toyroyal horn bilateral hand bell 3226

The royal Toyroyal fitness toys seriesThe royal Toyroyal fantasy football 1040 royal

Toyroyal bear a “daruma” 808-CThe Japanese imperial toys

Toyroyal Party Queen series carefree tea groupCommodity item no: 01114081 (TR9105)The market price: $328.0Product name: the Japanese imperial toys

Toyroyal Party Queen series carefree tea groupApply age: 3 years old and aboveCommodity material: plasticPacking specification: 41 32 * * 16 cm (7 cell 2 section)

Commodity characteristics:

1. The safety material, no flash blunt, not decoloring;

2. Type combination, feel beautiful appearance, high safety, continuity and functional sex is strong;

3. Through the kitchen scene imitation toys combination, to allow children to experience the real life;

4. The simulation of toys, let the infant fully perception and repeated to identify the object shape color;

5. Can improve parent-child relationship with parents; Can and children together to develop social skills;

6. In the toast of the game, feeling gradually grasp the standard and language expressions, study and communication skills;

7. Children’s toast is in the brain! Free use of hands, to foster creativity and imagination, potential development of the brain;

8. Daily life oven used to bake bread, eating breakfast, meet the children of the unknown curiosity.

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