The toy business not allow to ignore the details

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1, toys price tagThe supermarket of the price tag I has the following experience: see a label, can know a lot about the most basic information of the goods, such as material, price, no belong to promote a product and so on, detailed the label let consumer can be clear at a glance of commodities of information behind unnecessarily, have to go to ask sales personnel. Such details, it is also one of the reasons the huge supermarket sales, because the customer can according to the information to what they really need. And our country many Toy shop in this hand do a bit of a shortage, in fact as long as do a little tag, indicating the toys belong to what series, producing area where, material how, filler by what composition, and so on, these details can make customers feel toy shop’s careful concern, and the toy shop mind goodwill.

2, the toy store health
Toy is a very special commodity, not as food that need senior other health conditions, it also creates a lot of the toy store and don’t have health see very heavy inside the store. And being able to do exactly the opposite, will make a perfect health details must be able to gain in consumer good reputation.Bright and clean and ground, commodity inside ambry spotless, and for some corner but also to special treatment, toy shop assistant tidy of outfit, these will make consumers into a store feel mood.

3, within the toy store atmosphere
The toy store atmosphere build also want to pay attention to some of the details. The making of the atmosphere in decorating is been fixed link, no can change things, therefore, the toy store build atmosphere from music of the details. The music to play with toy store soft, slow for the main fundamental key, don’t broadcast popular fashionable move feeling music, and at the same time not too loud, cause consumers off. Soft music can make people relaxed mood, such details can also reflects the toy shop for consumers to the attention of the senses.
Four, fully customer care
Man is a feeling of animals, others care, will be very touched, toy shop can use this principle, again according to the actual situation of each customer give relevant care, such as when members birthday boy or her customers, to give a little birthday gift: a doll, a small cakes. Will present to the customer to the door, such not only close the toy shop and the distance between the customer and the details of the care, also make the customer to the toy store loyalty to an all-time high, thus more willing to to the store to consumption, to the toy store earnings a positive effect.


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