original Ferdinand ossendowski

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The original Ferdinand ossendowski suit 10 battle in bulk. Every price just 4.8 yuan each, single buy rubber monster 10 centimeters or so every lowest price is more than 10 yuan each.” It can be in clean out treasure to the original Ferdinand ossendowski searched the monster.

Bag toysBecause it is in the factory directly with goods, manufacturer not provide other packaging, this is also part of the profits to the ah, ha ha, many things have a shell of packing factory price several times over.

These things have the packaging of Ferdinand ossendowski rubber is the annoyance of Japan. A solid rubber material.Please pay attention to the domestic low several Ferdinand ossendowski is a solid rubber, sell the price is very low. There are several is not afraid of the fall, this section is not afraid fell, of course, can’t take a few jins thing to hit, high 11 cm. Joints can’t activities, is a solid rubber.The foot help the frame to Ferdinand ossendowski stand 】 both feet frame with Ferdinand ossendowski【 has two Ferdinand ossendowski and a monster not too easy to stand firm 】【 taobao consumer protection plan 】 there were deposit. To buy goods please rest assured, this kind of Toy we’ve sold for a long time, sold a lot, hundred, are directly from the manufacturer takes the goods, no intermediate link, also unceasingly earn freight for the principle, now of the sales just 30 days of middle and DuanDang travel during our time, I hope you happy shopping in taobao, assured the shopping in taobao. Note choose friends please notice the time surface mail in 15 days or so, than the bad not express a few dollars had better choose express.Materials solid soft rubber feet on the Japanese monster round valley company “is all the production company salty Ferdinand ossendowski superman 】 all Japan’s largest comprehensive entertainment company, one of mainly involves entertainment, network, anime products and its surrounding, etc. The production of all kinds of science fiction, cartoon model number, variety is the world of the first. And the most famous is as high as the GUNDAM series belong. Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, eight major world has 27 countries in 16 companies. In addition to toys and children’s entertainment outside, ten thousand generations of tentacles throughout the world commodity is the software contains music, film, multimedia, long piece, vending machines, game card, candy, and authorized clothing, etc.

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