How to select the toy development intelligenceHow to select the toy development intelligence

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It is an important activity in early childhood. In addition to sleep outside to eat, most of the time is spent in play, so to select the right toys, this to the child’s physical, psychological and mental development has a very close relationship. In this period of time, should give children some help move the brain, to think of a way to toys.

Give children buy a small bell, he would to the colour of bells, shake and hear the sound of sweet, give him a little play ball, the child can imagine a lot of things have to be round. Such as playing with blocks, playing the small part with sand and small bucket, small a shovel, playing with water appliance, children ride cars and so on, children will be like, all of these can promote children’s thinking activity and imagination. Those cars, cloth of small animals and the children like to play with Toy is.

Nearly two years, a lot of the kids began to those color the small picture album story very interested. Had better choose and buy some colourful, paper, strong picture album give children see. In short, the toy really can help children development growth, improve intelligence, is the children’s good partners. Now, many different kinds of toys, have made of wood, metal, paper, cloth, plastic, rubber, ceramic products, useful to turn wind gear, hand or pull a dynamic, electric and electronic operation and so on, the following reference:

1. The intelligence toys A literacy card, pinyin dish, maps, electronic calculators, spell with sound and smell of pictures, the rockets, aircraft, electric train and other electric, electronic, optical, sonic of the toys, and jigsaw puzzles, six face painting, a set of baby animals, a set of ring, etc. Can cultivate children’s thinking ability, in the play, the game is education.

2. Natural toys Such as small spoon, small spoon, small bowl, small water jar, small bucket, small kettle, 7, etc.; And some easy farmed fish, small insects and cultivate children’s observation, imagination, rich knowledge.

3. Entertainment toy A “daruma” funny people, with arrows, wind animals and so on, can cause children’s joy and happy mood, promote cheeper psychology health development, train, cheerful personality.

4. Image toys All forms of doll, animals, birds, traffic tools and daily utensils, etc.; The image of a toy can know thing ability of children development, development thinking, cause the child’s imagination and emotion, give doll dressed and feed the birds, the toys as the living things.

5. Traffic toys The ship, cars, small plane, can develop children’s action, rich traffic knowledge.

6. Building toys Building blocks, geometric pieces of wood, plastic design illustrations, all kinds of makeup and building materials of metal and screw component of tablets, these materials can let the infant spell spell fold break, pattern and structure, assembling into various kinds of objects, training eye-hand coordination, cultivating imagination ability and perseverance.

7. Sports toys Have all kinds of ball, carting, set of ring, and kindergarten Trojan, the turntable, slides, intelligent, climbing frame, the balance beam, the rope, rubber band, tricycles, etc, can take exercise, cultivate courage, wit flexible quality.

8. Military toys Small pistol, rifles, violent airplanes, can foster child imitates the people’s liberation army, cultivate tact, brave spirit. Above the choice of toys from birth after five months started to carry on the “toy education”. Some toys should pay attention to safety and health, can be the cloth toy in sunlight, plastic toys available soap water or immerse with disinfectant, mouth toys should blow special, lest the toys and children’s health damage health. After its toys, that child to help clean up, to the children’s education is very important. unknown

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