Toy Hunters

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Toy Hunters will air Sunday January 15th for the Travel Channel (look at your local listings). The show follows Jordan Hembrough from If you follow Hollywood Heroes on their own site or on Ebay you recognize they’ve connections and frequently find original such things as toy prototypes, movie props and manufacturers Here’s the website article blurb regarding the show: Follow Toy and Collectibles dealer Jordan Hembrough with his fantastic team when they travel the country searching your rarest and many desired toys and pop culture collectibles! Join Jordan while he meets incredible people and learns about the good reputation for one of the most popular toy lines in past times three decades. He’s out to uncover the Holy Grails in the collecting community… and time is used up!Travel with Hembrough and the Hollywood Heroes because they journey to Ny Comic Con, gathering rare rather than before seen toys as you go along. Comic Con may be the “Super Bowl” of toy wheeling and dealing, gathering a huge number of people on a yearly basis. It’s the presentation in which the biggest comic and toy collectors become spend A lot of money on the rarest of toys!Can Jordan “seal the offer” and turn his new found treasures into Toy Gold?! Pay attention January 15th for the Travel channel to see!Look at local listings for times. I’ve got to complete a request individuals… understanding that’s to view it. When possible watch it LIVE. It’s fine in case you DVR furthermore , it… but thus far “Hollywood powers-that-be” don’t yet remarked that DVR ratings are as as valid, or even more so than the old “Neilson ratings” means of doing things. So again, if at all possible – WATCH IT LIVE. When i understand it, will probably be on late generally in most markets, like 10pm, 11pm… however the next day is MLK day and a lot of individuals have that day off from work so stay up and watch. I don’t think the show has become selected for series yet, so we want the toy community to exhibit up and represent! So spread the saying! Toy Hunters

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