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Plush toys: easy to asthma

The plush Toy is almost all girls favour of toys, little imagine, long time contact this toy is likely to have asthma. According to chengdu maternity and child care centers pediatrician introduction, more and more children for the plush toys with respiratory diseases. Plush toys is unexpected allergy source, have allergic constitution child is very easy to cause an allergic disease, but are often neglect. Now the children of hands and downy toy more than 90% moderate or severe bacterial infection. And relative to plastic toys for, fluffy toys disinfection relatively difficult, and most easily infected with the bacteria again.

Painted toys: easy to lead poisoning

Now many toys basically with spray paint, such as metal toys, coated with paint color pigment building blocks, the injection molding toys, take the balloon, book the picture album design, even if is plush toys, dolls or small animal’s eyes, lips are also of spray paint, lacquer must be in the lead. Child the toys and sleep, to kiss toys and not the hands and take a thing to eat, are easy to cause the lead poisoning.

“Noise” toys: easy cause headaches

With a large number of new toys appear, especially of sound and light of toys, for infant hearing more and more harm. Children of sound induction than adults sensitive, many toys can make all sorts of voice, the noise is as high as 120 decibels, come down for a long time to children’s hearing has a lot of damage, such as: headaches, dizziness, tinnitus, emotional tension, memory loss and other symptoms. The healthy growth of the infant, need quiet and comfortable environment, if long time by noise stimulation, will become prone to excited, lack of tolerance, lack of sleep, inattention and performance.

Alert dangerous toy Alert dangerous toy

Alert dangerous toy

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