Watch China’s toy sales better the Indian government inspired

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According to Indian the financial times on July 2 days to report: marked “made in China” toys in India has become more and more popular. Feel the pressure in the meanwhile, the Indian government also inspired by the from and decided to China marketing model for reference, revitalize the Toy industry.
India international toy fair recently unveiled, from, seal, west Germany, and other countries of the exhibitors nearly 80 attended the international toy fair. The administrative, India “micro small and medium-sized hosted by enterprise” (MSME) minister Wells and Della-singh (VirbhadraSingh, said the budgeted 60 billion rupees (about 8.69 billion yuan), for the toy industry development.
He said, toys is not merely the pure entertainment tool, reflect a more of a country’s culture and history. India toy broad market, children under the age of 10 number as high as 24 million. However local products only 20% of market share, more than the rest is for the import of toys.
In addition to fiscal appropriations, the Indian government will relax the way to give credit to the toy industry policy support, and start sales aid program.

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