Foshan toys to enterprise moving Russia

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Export a few yuan price of toys, but the highest standard test fee of 30000 yuan. In Europe and America to always for major exports of foshan Toy companies to is undoubtedly a heavy blow. “Want to enter the European and American market, according to their requirements must be detection.”

Foshan intelligence of toys Co., LTD development manager Mr Guo said.In the second phase of the guangzhou fair held yesterday show, by the debt crisis, the enterprise obviously feel less people in Europe, the U.S. market is already showed signs of recovery, but to the end of June the U.S. toy the new standard, make foshan toys enterprise felt like stepping on a “mines”, the technical barriers become a Buddha toys into the European and American market of the biggest enterprises “tiger”. But exciting is that Russia toy market is showing strong demand.Technical barriers “testing costs like bottomless”At the end of June will implement the new standard of toys to foshan toys enterprise, it means?

Foshan merlot treasure toys Co., LTD. DengJunSheng salesman in a car for example said three doll, “before this product test fee is 1000 yuan, now need 6000 yuan.” According to the new standard doll car more secure, but the cost of every car has increased from 0.3 to 0.4 us dollars.Beautiful toys with the new standard of last year was known as the history of the most severe new toy safety standard “the eu new toy safety instructions”, forcing toys to their own product enterprise “factor of safety improvements”.”Testing costs as bottomless.”

Mr Guo complained, “testing costs from several thousand yuan to tens of thousands of yuan, the highest once tried to 30000 yuan, the product price is but a few yuan.” He said, what is more helpless is, clearly products in the United States has been selling well, get Europe sell, must also be tested again. “The risk is too big would rather give up the U.S. market”Say to the American market, feel a little afraid of.” Foshan shunde special education digital technology Co., LTD. Director pan said chains.The company where pan chains from exports begin to do, they focus on eastern Europe market, our products mainly export to Russia, Italy, Spain, etc. Though clearly felt the whole market environment than ever optimistic, but he would rather choose more to the world, is not considered access to the American market.”The American toys market did very big, but the risk is too big.” Chains to in 2007 in foshan a pan toy factory old total suicide event still jittery.

That year, a productionAlready comfortably in foshan toy industry of the top three before enterprise, for the production of products involved in “recall” events that led to suicide top leaders.Whether it is active on the us market heading for the hills, or with the new standard is still in the fight, foshan toy industry quarter of export situation, with most of the same feelings, in decline. According to statistics, foshan toy exports fell nearly ten percent year-on-year in the first quarter.The order from Russia well educated”New guest, all around mature guest.” Foshan smart young children’s products Co., LTD. Sales executive rowan ridicule way, this year in the confidence of buyers account for a large proportion of the Middle East, South America market merchants, order is very cautious, “be sure to comparison shop, went a circle and a circle.” The two day, he noticed one of exhibitors, a few times to appear in their own exhibition hall.Chains are noticing pan emerging market caution.

“Are ‘try single'”.However, many companies of foshan toys enterprises said Russia toy market is showing strong demand. “Some time ago to a trip to Russia, found that many buyers are empty, warehouse the goods sell well over there.” Pan said chains, this two days come of is up to Russia merchants.”Purchasing up is impressive.” DengJunSheng told reporters yesterday, and just up and down in a booth single Russian businessmen, to prepare goods delivery, found that the Russian businessmen of warehouse has “explosion warehouse”, “the purchase is a large amount of”.


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