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Shanghai quality technology supervision bureau 28 in routine conference report it to the this data.

According to introducing, this year the June 1 children’s day is coming, Shanghai to qualitative inspect branch stroller, children, children’s books, children’s clothing, toys and children’s products market and special supervise selective examination.
One stroller, children, ZhiNiaoKu qualified rate one hundred percent, children’s books qualified rate 98%. And children’s clothes and toys products have nearly twenty percent not qualified.

Shanghai pledges inspect bureau deputy director ShenWeiMin introduced said, “the qualitative inspect branch of the 93 batch in the children’s clothing selective examination, unqualified 17 batch. 32 batch toys, 6 batch unqualified.”
Supposedly, the children’s clothing products of selective examination, covering the Shanghai main production enterprise, qualitative inspect branch mainly aimed at the children’s clothes instructions, and fiber content, formaldehyde, PH value of selective examination.

Spot check of the unqualified products include some “foreign” brand, they respectively in the fiber content mark and PH value are not qualified.

Qualitative inspect branch introduces, “fiber content unqualified” performance for the measured results and the mark is not consistent, and PH value not qualified can destroy human skin surface dilute acid environment, make the skin vulnerable to virus attacks.

Children’s toys products in China is in national compulsory product certification. ShenWeiMin introduction, the selective examination to be six batch unqualified products mainly in the rope, small parts on parts such as unqualified, do not accord with national 3 C standards, the quality problem is serious.


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