Baby toys security check method

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According to statistics, about 15000 children under the age of 6 hours are spent with toys, it, toys, is their most intimate partner. Young children won’t rationally choose toys, as a result, parents have responsibility.
Buy safe toys for your child, you did it?
Toys for the children choose, safety is first, to consider the following toys safety related data you may don’t know yet.
The four type of damage
Flammability: Toy catches fire burns or scalding!”
Toxic damage: toys on radioactive, corrosive, irritation, allergic substances such as damage to the body, stimulate the eyes or cause skin allergies, etc.
Surface coating contains toxic chemical injuries: toys, nose into the body through the mouth, gradually accumulated cause organ damage, produce lead poisoning, headache, dizziness, loss of appetite and other symptoms.
Physical damage: also known as mechanical damage. Toy structure design is bad, lead to stab wounds, scratches, bumps, volume ambassador children eardrum injured or ingestion of small accessories.
50% of the accident from physical damage
According to statistics, every year toy injury accident, physical damage accounted for about 50%, chemical injuries (30%), flammable and toxic harm accounted for 20%
8 more than “eating (eat)” the accident occurred in children under the age of 3
Children under the age of 3 independent ability is poorer, toy damage probability is high, especially in swallowing toys small parts for see. More than 3 years old children see more toys damage is cut, stabbed, task, or due to fall on a litter toy, etc.
30% of the toys bought in a department store
Toy is diversiform, buy also diversification. Where will you buy toys for their children? Survey from guangzhou: guangzhou city child’s play, 30% bought in a department store, 28% buy in the toy store, 33% buy 10 yuan in the stores, street, shop, 9% for buying other items as gifts.
Self-test: do you buy toy safety?
Small things to spend money to buy toys, toy safety matter. A comparison, the following items, did you do there?
Look for the toy brand. Safety qualified toys, its label should have the manufacturers name and address, date of production, production materials, suitable for age, security warnings, standards, product certification, etc.
Look! If there is gap, edges and surface of the toy.
Touch!!!! Toy inside presence of foreign bodies, sundry, if there is a sharp edge, Angle and so on.
Smell! Toys have peculiar smell.
Sway! Whether the parts is firm, will drop down.
To pull! Toy on attachments, such as eyes, a small button of the dolls is strong.
Try!!!!Ejection toys, ejection force ejection distance is too far too strong.
Look up! With rope toys (drag toys, etc.), to check if the rope is too long.
Careful!!! Toys coated with paint to review whether there is safe and nontoxic.
Listen! Talking toys to listen voice is too loud.
Pick! Choose easy to clean, will not fade.
Check!!!! Electric toy need to carefully check the battery compartment is secured, whether smooth all around.
Know: toy safety don’t five to five
A should have the consciousness of guardianship of children play with toys in what ways it is hard to predict, parents should care responsibility.
Secondly, to safe use carefully read the instructions; Parents first familiar with toys, and demonstrate the correct play, if lets the child feel our, please instruct.
Third, we need regular maintenance regularly check the toy is damaged, scattered parts, and so on and so forth, and regular cleaning.
Four closely to keep toys can be put in low, the stability of shelf or light box, choose collection box to prevent the lid task of children.
Five to do good packing away (avoid suffocation) plastic bags and foam plastic (avoid swallowed). Remove nails and sharp packaging cardboard packaging materials.
Don’t buy a ejection toys for children under the age of 3.
Don’t give children allergic constitution to buy plush toys, cloth toys.
Don’t buy plastic foam or children are easier to be torn, toy made of crushed material.
Don’t let the child play with latex balloons, children can swallow it blowing (didn’t).
Don’t buy a churning out on the street or vendor, counterfeit and substandard toys.
Note: different age children to play with toy safety recommendations
2 years old
Make sure toys to the children can’t swallow.
Make sure toys rope length is not more than 22 cm.
To ensure that non-toxic crayons and clay.
Tip: many parents like to buy baby toys, but parents should attach importance to their own choice, don’t blind choice, should seriously to choose.

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