The Chinese children’s wear brand market has at least 38 billion the size of the market each year

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Now people’s standard of living is higher and higher, the parents for their children’s lives is becoming more and more big, the children’s consumption personalized obviously, buy the trend of the initiative. Children’s clothing market development space will increase year by year, so the development of children’s wear brand market is a industry.

At present the Chinese children’s wear brand sales channel is still in its infancy, the level is lower, but the Chinese children’s wear brand industry has begun to step into brand competition field, in the fierce competition. Children’s wear brand market is a relatively special industries, is also a potential industry. According to relevant data show that Chinese children’s wear brand market size of the market has at least 38 billion yuan a year.
Competition is thought of strategy, said to the children’s clothes market target strategy, enterprise use the market segmentation strategy to select target market, the first thing to determine in a subdivision of the market, should choose how much is the market as a target market to enter, the level of and access to, this is the target market coverage strategy. Enterprises in the target market marketing strategy, we usually have the following options: the difference marketing strategy, difference marketing strategies and focus on marketing strategy.
1. The difference marketing strategy
Differences in marketing strategy is to show the enterprise according to the characteristics of different market segments, with a variety of brands, a variety of styles, a variety of a variety of size, price, variety of distribution channels, a variety of forms of advertising and other marketing mix, to meet the different needs of consumers. Differentiation marketing strategy is the product of economic development and the diversification of consumption, is also the result of the enterprise competition in the market, in recent years, some large enterprises at home and abroad are using this strategy. Its benefits can be expand product sales, increase market share, and a variety of marketing mix to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises; Deficiency is the cost of production and marketing costs will increase.
2. Concentrated marketing strategy
Concentrated marketing strategy is to choose a particular market segment for target market, focus on the professional production and sales, in order to meet the needs of specific consumer groups. The benefits of this strategy are: can make the products in the local market dominant position, specialized production and the single marketing mix is helpful for enterprises to reduce costs; Deficiency is: owing to a narrow target market, once the market change, the enterprise is difficult to adapt to, is likely to get into trouble.
3. The differences in marketing strategy
Enterprises to the market as a whole, a large target market, no longer market segment, don’t design products according to market differences. Companies think consumers have the same demand, launch a product, only single marketing mix strategy, to develop the market. The benefits of this strategy are: the product can be mass production, a large amount of storage and transportation, unified sales, unified advertising, thus reducing the cost. Before the reform and opening up, for example, faw jiefang automobile production, only tianjin bicycle factory production flying pigeon bicycle, only to meet the needs of users throughout the country. The difference marketing strategy is: the negative effect of ignoring the differences of each segment of the market and make the consumers’ personalized needs are not being met. When a number of companies in the industry are using this strategy, market competition will be fierce, the enterprise profit decline.
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