Toy factory work wear

Author: kikils, June 18, 2014, Leave a comment
Toy factory work wear.
Overalls focus first practical, easy to work, try using  beauty, durable wear fabrics, style constantly, adding fashion elements, combined with the characteristics of the industry, not only to help enterprises improve the image, but also enhance the cultural connotation.
Because toys are a product people happy, so I think there must be a toy factory overalls toys elements designed to be likable. So as to allow workers to work when there is a good attitude.
This is a factory design, it is very cute workwear emblazoned with cute cartoon image. Although it is designed for the Children’s Hospital doctors to use, but I think you can make toys toy factory workers to wear.
Animal print pattern scrub top 278x300 Toy factory work wear

Animal print pattern scrub top

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