One of the Most Expensive Dolls in the World

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In our childhood, almost everyone had a doll only to their own,such as Barbie,SD etc.Nowadays these dolls not only toys but become souvenirs,even luxury. “Cinemaquettes” is a doll’s brand that one of the most expensive dolls in the top-ten in the world,which most popular doll is based on the popular movie role, and the lifelike extent of this doll make many people staggering. Not only clothes the finest materials are chosen fabrics but even dolls hair are made ​​with real hair.It stands to reason that this lifelike dolls price of natural cheap materials, up to $ 1,500.

In the figure, it’s a role of “Raiders Of The Lost Ark”, this doll is fully reproduce the shape of the movie characters,white shirt, leather jacket,sports and leisure pants, even the characters’ whips in the hands and buttons, zippers of clothes are identical with the movie, really let the “Raiders Of The Lost Ark” fans and doll collectors have to love it.

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Cinemaquettes Price: $1,500 

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